James Twyman Media

Invasion Earth (2016)

When 8 teenagers travel to the middle of nowhere to fight their inner demons, they find the light at the end of the tunnel is anything but safe.

Famous self-help Guru, Dr. Carson travels to his new facility with eight young addicts with the aim of helping them through their troubles and intergrating them back into society. Unfortunately for them society is about to be dismantled as a military force, not from this world, begins a hostle take-over. [WEBSITE] [AMAZON]

Hundy Gilbert Media

Fly Trap – Promo (2016)


Four women awake trapped in a basement, with no memory of how or why they are there. They quickly come to the conclusion that they’ve been drugged, kidnapped and are being held prisoner. Their two male captors, a father and teenage son, tell the women that aliens have invaded Earth, and that they’ve been rescued from certain doom after the aliens gassed the population and started abducting people into the sky. Naturally assuming the men are deceiving them, the girls are uncooperative. After heated arguments, one of the girls manages to escape but is not heard from again. Sealed into the house, with no way out, captivity for the remaining three women soon turns into a living hell; where captors and captives alike must use their wits to save themselves from becoming the next victim leading to a gut wrenching finale with a jaw dropping twist. [WEBSITE]

James Twyman Media

Lead Me To The Dark (2016)


LEAD ME TO THE DARK is the story of AMY COLE, an investigative reporter whose life is turned upside down when her daughter LILY-MAE is struck with terminal cancer. Using ever resource she has she desperately tries to find something that can save her child, be it an untested drug, a new therapy… even a miracle will do. As she searches she stumbles upon a dark and secret world that may hold the key to LILY-MAE’s survival, but by the time she’s done… she may wish she had let her daughter die. The creatures that inhabit this dark culture are vampires, and not the ones we are used to in books and films. These cold super predators control everything from politics to trafficking, cultivating mankind to think they are free, making them easier to use. They agree to turn LILY-MAE in return for the use of AMY’s unique set of skills, a deal that takes AMY deeper in to the bloody, horrible and frightening world of the vampire. [FACEBOOK]

Hundy Gilbert Media

Beyond Redemption (2015)


Jake’s brother was murdered over an unpaid debt that Jake owed. Disowned by his family and unable to live with the guilt, Jake attempted suicide. Now having turned his life around and on the straight and narrow, he lives with his girlfriend and has a steady job. But Jake is plagued by personal demons, he wakes every night from terrible nightmares; flashbacks to acts of unspeakable evil. By day he stalks and murders people who are seemingly strangers to him, but after one of his victims stages a brutal fight back, Jake has to fight for his life, and has a narrow escape from the police. This erratic behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed by those closest to him, shattering any sense of normality he has brought to his new life. [WEBSITE] [FACEBOOK]